World Tour of Raw Materials – Sumatran Patchouli

Sumatran Patchouli

A fabulous raw material, patchouli has fascinated Patricia for years. She is quick to compare it to the oboe, the instrument that gives the tuning note to the rest of the orchestra.

Olfactory notes:

Patchouli is a fascinating ingredient thanks to its strength and complexity. It highlights the raw materials with which it is combined, creating a true signature.

This ingredient offers many qualities in our perfumer’s organ: woody, moist, camphorated, fresh and earthy while evoking damp undergrowth, the earth and even cocoa.


Our patchouli comes from Indonesia. The island of Sumatra holds one of the treasures of perfumery.


This ingredient is part of the woody family even though it is a shrub whose downy, serrated leaves are used. After carefully harvesting the leaves, comes the stage of drying them in the sun for a few hours, then in the shade. It is at that moment that the magic happens: drying the patchouli leaves brings out their fragrance.


The essential oil is contained in the captivating green dry leaves. The dry leaves are then distilled by steam for about six hours.

Like a fine wine, the essential oil is then refined for several months to reduce its bitterness.

Perfumes containing Sumatran Patchouli:

Patchouli Landscape


We make sure to use one of the finest quality patchoulis on the fragrance level. Our supplier of raw materials works in close collaboration with the patchouli producers on Sumatra respecting social and environmental principles, an obvious way to ensure a sustainable future for this iconic raw material of perfumery.

Perfumes containing Sumatran Patchouli:

Patchouli landscape 2
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