• The House of Nicolaï originated from an idea of Patricia de Nicolaï and her husband Jean-Louis Michau. After several years of experience working in a fragrance house, Patricia quickly saw the advantages and inconveniences of this type of system.

    Increased competition and marketing demands can quickly overcome creativity and passion.

    Patricia de Nicolaï made a risky choice of independence and thus decided to partner with her husband to found their own brand with a creative laboratory.

    Her only instruction is to never curb her creativity.

    Nicolaï perfume are the fruit of a double exclusivity: our fragrances are exclusively created by Patricia de Nicolaï and she only works for her brand.

    Today, Axel Michau de Nicolaï has been passed the torch and manages this family business alongside his mother.

  • An authentic know-how guaranteed by our artisans who perfect the various stages of the production process.

    The founders, Patricia and Jean-Louis, choose to establish their manufacturing plant in France.

    The concentrates are created by Patricia de Nicolaï in her laboratory in Paris. The pure fragrance oils are then sent to the manufacturing plant in the Loire Valley where they are finally prepared for manufacturing and packaging.

    This approach allows for more detail, flexibility and responsiveness for the development, standardisation and the constant improvement of our products and services.

    Attention to detail is made possible due to the proximity of the exclusive French production.

    Behind our products are several French artisans who meticulously fill the bottle, hand seal it, then carefully pack it in its case. We are very concerned about the quality of our products and make a point of striving for excellence in the manufacture of our perfumes.

    This know-how guarantees a short route and unparalleled traceability.

  • From the beginning, the NICOLAÏ PARFUMEUR-CREATEUR brand has always maintained its commitment to transparency.

    NICOLAÏ PARFUMEUR-CREATEUR chooses to go its own way from the giants of the perfume industry, where tasks are divided and interaction between the perfumers and end customers is low.

    Crossing the boundaries of luxury and re-inventing the concept of perfume.

    In the first NICOLAÏ PARFUMEUR-CREATEUR shop in the 16th district of Paris, Patricia decides to set up her creative laboratory so that it is in plain sight of visitors to the shop. Offering this immersion and heightening the curiosity of perfume lovers is at the heart of her concerns and inspiration.

    Today, still in plain sight, her laboratory is found in Montpensier Street.

    We use this choice as a symbol of our action and to highlight the perfume designing profession.

    Aware of environmental and societal issues, we aim to communicate more about our creative and production methods and make NICOLAÏ PARFUMEUR-CREATEUR a perfume house committed to the perfumery of tomorrow.

    Once again, we give you a look behind the scenes.

  • Nicolaï perfumes are the fruits of intuition.

    That of Patricia who puts her intuition and talent at the service of her creations. No consumer testing or marketing is performed; short-lived trends have no place in our shops.

    Only instinct, passion, audacity, her convictions and tastes guide our perfumer in her creative process.

  • The house of Nicolaï made the audacious gamble to completely control its manufacturing process.

    Since the creation of the brand, the perfumes have been created in our exclusive laboratory led by Patricia de Nicolaï, and the concentrates are then made in the factory in the Loire Valley, only one and a half hours from Paris.

    Using no subcontractor, artisans mix the concentrate with alcohol, fill the bottles and seal them by hand. Like a signature, a ribbon is delicately wrapped around the neck of the bottle before the setting. Finally, it is sealed with wax bearing the initials of Patricia de Nicolaï.

    Our artisans also mix the home fragrance concentrates for our candles. They hand pour the candles, manufacture and assemble all the components to be sent out to our Parisian shops.

    Highlighting the know-how of our qualified French artisans and committing to continual improvements are both particularly close to our heart.

    These choices are an integral part of the brand’s identity.

  • The palette of our perfumer Patricia de Nicolaï contains natural and synthetic raw materials, each having aspects which are difficult to replace.

    We adapt ourselves to what nature gives us, not the opposite.

    From the start, the house of Nicolaï took hold of creativity and passion and due to her independence, Patricia can let her genius run free.

    No consumer test is undertaken during the creative process, only our customers’ feedback in our stores matter to us.

    When we launch something new, it’s a product we whole-heartedly believe in, a true sensory encounter, a conviction.

    The talent of our perfume designer has been recognized often: in 1988 Patricia de Nicolaï receives the prize for the best young perfumer by the French Society of Perfumers for the perfume Number One, still sold in our shops.
    She is the first female laureate of this competition.

    Twenty years later, in 2007, Patricia is named a Chevalier in France’s Legion of Honour, recognizing her achievement as a female perfume designer who built her own brand.

    In 2008 she is elected President of the Osmothèque perfume museum and international archive, a position she held for twelve years. Today, she is still involved as an honorary member. She always believed in preserving the legacy of fine perfume.

    Dedication that highlights her commitment.

    Of course, the house of Nicolaï is above all a family affair and Patricia knows to surround herself with family to gather their opinions of her work. Their exchanges are always enriching and galvanizing.

    Different generations, different tastes in scents and different opinions let Nicolaï offer its customers a broad olfactory overview.

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