World Tour of Raw Materials – Turkish Rose

Turkish Rose

“The rose has magical power! Accommodating, it fits everywhere and leaves a mark of fullness and profound well-being. I will not tire of working with it because I will never finish revealing the mysteries which make it even more beautiful.”

Patricia de Nicolaï

Olfactory notes:

Icon of the floral family, it unveils sumptuous fresh, green facets with floral, syrupy, delicate inflexions. But the Damask rose also plays on its contrasts. It surprises us with its more sensual, truly bewitching and feminine notes.


This rare pearl of perfumery comes from Anatolia in the heart of Turkey, a well-known region that separates the Black Sea from the Mediterranean.
Between mountains and a sea breeze, the Damask rose has been traditionally cultivated here for centuries.


For one month at the end of Spring, harvesting begins at sunrise. Its emerging rays warm the pickers at work, dawn accompanies them throughout their labour, but they must be fast. In fact, it is the sun’s rays that scatter the aromatic particles of the petals. The faster the roses are picked, the better the essence will be.

The pickers bustle around the shrubs; an experienced worker can harvest several kilos of roses a day.

However, despite such feats, the yield of the rose is relatively low.

Extraction :

The production of one kilogram of essential oil requires nearly 4 tonnes of freshly harvested petals. The absolute and the concrete are extracted by volatile solvents and require approximately 400 kilos of flowers.

This flagship raw material with enchanting notes is one of the favourite ingredients of Patricia de Nicolaï, who has continually revisited it over the course of her creations.

Perfumes containing Turkish Rose:

Rose Contexte
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