World Tour of Raw Materials – Ylang-ylang from Comoros Islands

Ylang-ylang from Comoros Islands

“In terms of scent, ylang-ylang is classified as a white flower.
Lighter than jasmine, softer than tuberose and less green than orange blossom, I think it’s joyous and gently intoxicating. It is sunny which gives it the feeling of holidays and warmth which I especially like.”

Patricia de Nicolaï

Olfactory notes:

Ylang-ylang diffuses its sweet, floral, warm and jasmine notes. It brings cheeriness and the exotic to each creation.


It is in this slice of paradise, the Comoros Islands, that this delicate, sun-scented flower grows.


Its tree is regularly pruned so that those harvesting can easily reach the flowers.

They are collected when mature, offering a splendid yellow colour with petals about 5 centimetres long. Picked by hand early in the morning, the flowers are immediately taken to the distillery.


Steam distillation is used, and the yield is low, thus its scarcity.

In fact, it takes between 350 to 400 kilograms of flowers to produce one kilo of essential oil.

Perfumes containing Ylang-ylang from Comoros Islands:

Vue Mosquée Sumatra


Our ylang comes from a sustainable industry; our supplier makes a point of participating in local development efforts to make this flower a symbol of his commitment.

A new distillery was built in 2019 and more environmentally friendly production methods were established.

Our supplier is committed to a comprehensive plan that offers more sustainable production alternatives from the training of the harvesters, to supporting their children’s schooling.

Perfumes containing Ylang-ylang from Comoros Islands:

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