World Tour of Raw Materials – Spanish Yuzu

Spanish Yuzu

“It is a real invitation to exotic freshness. Multifaceted yuzu essence is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.”

Patricia de Nicolaï

Olfactory notes:

Bathed in sunlight, this golden fruit resembles a small grapefruit but it is actually a hybrid fruit between a tangerine and a lemon.

From this surprising union, it inherited a fascinating balance between acidity and bitterness which adds beautiful, modern notes to any fragrance.

A complex citrus, yuzu brings many sparkling, fresh and zesty aspects which recall both grapefruit and lime.

Only recently used in perfumery, and due to its hybridisation, yuzu has fabulous tangy, green and fruity shades which distinguish it above all other citrus and which have been added to Patricia de Nicolaï’s range.


Like all citrus fruits, yuzu comes from faraway lands. It is native to Asia, specifically from China where it has been cultivated for a thousand years.

Very popular in Japan it has acclimatised extremely well to the mild life on the Mediterranean coasts, notably in Spain where our supplier grows it.


The trees only produce their first fruit after 20 years. Only 15 to 20 kilograms grow on the tree which makes yuzu a rare citrus fruit. The trunk and branches have thorns which make the harvest fore finicky; the tree, therefore, protects its fruit well.


It is through steam distillation of the zests that we obtain the yuzu essential oil.

Perfumes containing Spanish Yuzu:

Yuzu Landscape
Yuzu Landscape 2
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