World Tour of Raw Materials – Kununurran sandalwood

Kununurran sandalwood

Its bright colour lives up to this mesmerising wood, reflecting its lingering trail which leaves a real imprint on each perfume in which it is present.
“Sandalwood essence is the sweetest note there is. It is enveloping, fluffy, dense and rounded. In a formula, this precious, rare essence smooths the edges with a solid input of substance. But be careful to measure it well so it doesn’t become overwhelming!”

Patricia de Nicolaï

Olfactory notes:

Sandalwood essential oil offers sumptuous woody and oriental notes with unique powdery and milky facets. Its strength makes it possible to highlight floral and oriental chords.


Although sandalwood is native to India, we decided to work with an Australian supplier. Daring to set up a sandalwood (Santalum album) plantation outside its historical cradle, he succeeded in recreating an eco-managed ecosystem and to economically revitalise the region.


Our supplier does his own planting, selects the best shoots and takes care of the trees with the utmost care. Nothing is left to chance: from the shrubs planted at the foot of the trees to help them grow through the exchanges of gases, to well-designed irrigation.

A sandalwood tree needs over 15 years growth before being cut down. More than an investment, it is above all a matter of passion and patience.


The roots and core of the sandalwood are reduced to powder and then distilled by steam. Our supplier distils the wood chips himself to ensure optimal quality.

Perfumes containing Kununurran sandalwood:

Santal Contexte
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